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Architect by formation, artist by vocation, designer by definition.

Anna Mallmann begun painting at the young age of five. By ten she had her first solo exhibition, by twelve she designed her first furniture.
Painting, sculpture, photography, poetry; anything that translates emotions, sensations and dreams into ideas became part of her world.
She received her bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the UniRitter University, back in her native Brazil.

She specialized in Urban design by the University of Miami and perfected a family rooted passion for Landscape at the Master of Landscape Architecture program at FIU- Florida International University. From the gardens of her grandmother, a French-Brazilian Botanist to the paintings of a contemporary Burle Marx, textures, colors and forms became a passion.

Since the opening of her Studio in Florida in 2000 she has collaborated with the world’s most talented architects and designers and received numerous awards.

‘We are an endless source of creation, the lines in a design and the strokes on canvas are fingerprints of hopes and dreams, searching and conceiving a better world.’